Recent Web Projects

Reservoir Distillery

Reservoir Distillery

A redesign project for the Reservoir Distillery - and award-winning distillery here in Richmond, VA.

Very simple, clean design that showcases the whiskeys that Reservoir distills by hand. The project also incorporated a Shopify eCommerce component.

Tools & technologies: eCommerce, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, Photoshop, JQuery, Responsive Design

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Red Amp Audio

Red Amp Audio Redesign

This project was a redesign of the Red Amp Audio website, a full audio production studio in Richmond, VA.

A departure from the norm for me, this is primarily a one-page site, with responsive design allowing mobile devices to view content and scroll to info without too much clicking around.

I did most of the photography and images on the site, focusing on showcasing the incredible design and environment in the studio. Truly a world-class facility!

Tools & technologies: Photography, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Responsive Design

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RHODESWORK Patent Drafting Services

RHODESWORK Patent Drafting and Trademark Illustration

A full responsive site redesign for RHODESWORK, to showcase his drawings and overhaul his SEO footprint.

The WordPress CMS was used to add blog functionality and generally make the site more manageable.


Kincannon & Reed

Kincannon & Reed Executive Search

A full site redesign for Kincannon & Reed, a global executive search firm. My role was developer, with design done by Bradley Crouch.

The site was built on the WordPress platform with a lot of custom programming to accomodate their site's functionality. From custom-written plugins to database applications and job application forms, the project really pushed the envelope for a WordPress-based site normally includes.

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Capital Meeting Planning

Capital Meeting Planning

This was a redesign project for a Washington, D.C. area meeting planner. Goals for the redesign were a cleaner look, good organization of info, simple layout and improved SEO. This site also uses responsive design techniques to make it mobile-device friendly.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop

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OSC Ortho Website

OSC Orthopaedic

This project was a redesign of the OSC Ortho site, using WordPress as a CMS system. There was much content involved, and arranging the pages and blog posts in a concise, organized way was the goal.

The visual redesign was also a huge part of this project, and needed to reflect the clean, modern look of the OSC Brand.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop

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J.O. Herbert Inc.

J.O. Herbert CO., Inc. Transportation Systems

J.O. Herbert is a distributor of traffic signals and other related equipment. They needed a website that would showcase their products and provide an easy way to download or request information. WordPress was used as the CMS, again demonstrating the versatility of WordPress as a content management system for sites other than just blogs. I did a full redesign of their site and moved their product line into the WordPress system for easy management, searchability and improved SEO.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop

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Clinton J. Norris, DDS Website

Clinton J. Norris, DDS

This project involved establishing a web presence for Dr. Norris's dental practice, providing info about his services and images of the office, etc... I did photography and graphic design as well as site coding.

Built on WordPress, the site will be easy to update and add content in the future.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop, Photography

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Connec inc.

Connec Inc.

Connec is an installer for Home automation and structured cable. They needed a redesign of their site to showcase the services they provide and products they install.

Tools & technologies: PHP, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop

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Brockenbrough Website

Austin Brockenbrough Engineering

This project was a redesign of the Brockenbrough website, using WordPress as the CMS. Working with the designers at Elevation Advertising, I was brought in to program the site and build out the WordPress theme. The site showcases their work and the talented engineers that work there.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery

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Ridge Dog Shop

Ridge Dog Shop

This project involved a redesign of the Ridge Dog site, using WordPress and cleaning up the design & presentation of content.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, Photoshop

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McKesson RSS

McKesson Database Search/RSS Feed

For this project, a database application needed to be developed that would allow users to search and view drug shortage bulletins. The existing RSS feed is stored daily in a MySQL database, then the web application handles the search and display functionality.

Tools & technologies: PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, JQuery, RSS

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Deco-Crete Decorative Concrete

Deco-Crete Site

The Deco-Crete site is a redesign of their old site, adding a Wordpress backend for the CMS and a new graphic look & feel.

The client had many photos of their work to showcase, which makes up the bulk of the site. The client has the ability to update the content and images using the CMS.

Tools & technologies: PHP/MySQL, JQuery, Google Analytics, HTML,CSS and Ajax.

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Karina's Hair Salon

Karina's Hair Salon Site

Karina's Salon was due for a redesign and SEO strategy that would enhance their web presence. Located in one of Richmond's most popular and historic areas - Carytown, Karina's online image needed to better reflect their business.

I did an on-site photo shoot and tried to capture the essence of the services they provide, as well as convey the salon's style and decor.

Technologies used are a mix of hand-coded HTML/CSS and PHP, with some jQuery scripting thrown in. Photos were taken with a Nikon D300 and various lenses, editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

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Cougots Chimney Service

Cougots Chimney Service Site

The Cougots Chimney site was a project that included a lot of SEO work to increase their Google presence, as well as a graphic design overhaul. I rebuilt their site from scratch using HTML5 for the front-end and PHP for the back-end.

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Riggs & Company

Riggs & Company Investment Site

This site was built to establish an online presence for Riggs & Company, an investment management and financial planner in Petersburg, Va.

I used the Wordpress platform to build upon, giving the site owner full control over updating content, posting events, etc... For these types of CMS projects, I begin with a completely blank slate theme and build it up from my design. This gives me unlimited freedom with the creative aspect, and I don't have to be restricted by an off-the-shelf template design (yuck!).

This site also features Google Calendar integration for event announcements.

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Private Stock

Private Stock Cigar and Wine Company Site

This project was a redesign for the Private Stock Cigar & Wine Co. Using Wordpress for the back-end framework, I created a custom theme and adapted the framework to use it. The site will allow for plenty of room to expand, with a possible eCommerce component added later.

I provided the graphics and photo work, taken onsite at the Private Stock store. The site owners upload their own content and images for special articles and product info.

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9WG Studios

9WG Studios Site

9WG is a new audio/video production facility in Richmond VA. The site is a small launchpad to the rest of the partners in the group. State of the art architecture and equipment speaks for itself in the images.

The site uses some flash and basic html/css. The flash elements may eventually be replaced with html5 and/or javascript.

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Banner Ads

Banner ads and more banner ads!

Lots of recent banner ad programming jobs, all shapes and sizes, with some nice designs by the folks at Elevation and myself.

Most of these get served up in the Google ad system, among others, using clickTAGs to track penetration and clicks, etc... An effective way to advertise your business and get some ad space on the major sites.

With the popularity of internet news sources and social sites, the cost of a banner ad campaign can really make sense these days versus a traditional print campaign.

Hutch Shopping Cart

Hutch Hi-Performance BMX

This was a cool project to work on for a few reasons. For one, this is the company that sponsored me when I raced BMX bikes way back when. The company was recently revived and is back on the scene, with a new life and lots of enthusiasm for the sport. I'm glad to see the company is in good hands!

The site was built using PHP/MySQL, Flash, Javascript, and some other nifty details. I created an admin section so the owner can update the News page, and will support future enhancements.

The main focus of the site is the E-Commerce aspect, which I built using the Zen Cart framework. It's a great open-source shopping cart software that is totally customizable to suit the client's needs.

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MWV Engineered Packaging

MWV Engineered Packaging

Flash project with animated sky and morphing geometric shapes,
as well as translucent rollover links.

MWV Eng Pkg Case Studies

MWV Eng. Pkg. Case Studies

This was a large Flash project that involved case study presentations for MWV's Engineered Packaging. The case studies were comprised of multiple animated scenes showing the benefits of the new packaging.
The animations were synched to voice-over audio tracks.