SOPA Makes Red Very Sad

Internet Marketing Director Red - Very sad about SOPA/PIPA

In a (misguided) attempt to thwart online piracy, our friends on the Hill have come up with a frighteningly overreaching bill that will give content providers and their legal eagles far too much control over what goes on the web. I don’t need to explain the whole bill – you can read all about it here. I just want to pile on the opposition to it.

SOPA + PIPA = Slippery Slope?

If this bill passes, the legal fiasco(s) that will ensue will be such a mess that the internet as we know it will slide into the abyss of censorship, financial warfare and corporate control. In other words, once things start sliding down the slope, the mess will be far-reaching and can’t help but hurt us in ways that don’t really help the situation they are ‘trying’ to fix (piracy/intellectual property rights,etc…)

They Just Haven’t Caught Up Yet

Even With all of the intellectual firepower at hand on this globe of ours, the entertainment industry just has not been able to figure out a way to protect their goodies, which has created a divide in the world of finance and the world of entertainment. There’s an ‘old guard’ and a new one, which boils down to one side has embraced the new economy and ‘gets it’, while the other side is so bogged down in the old ways and their corporate minutia, they can’t get a foothold on this new system. So what do they do? Of course, create ridiculous legal spiderwebs to catch and sue the violators…which will affect us all in the end.

Don’t support it, tell your rep you hate SOPA/PIPA and tell your friends who don’t know about it. Awareness is an amazing tool when used correctly.