The Best Mac Keyboard Shortcut EVER

This is a little off-topic from my usual web dev posts, but this one is worth mentioning I think.
If you’re a frequent screen shot taker like me, you may have tried browser add-ons, stand-alone apps or other ways of making the screen capture process easier. I’m almost always working in Photoshop so it is always open and ready to go, and on Windows PC’s the built-in screen shot method copies the image to your clipboard, from which you can just paste into Photoshop, Word, Email or whatever. When I started using Macs I was a little disappointed with the native screen capture behavior: (cmd + shift + 4) it automatically saves the image to your desktop, which can become a mess of random images. I might be the last guy on earth to find out, but there is a simple way to make a Mac behave like Windows…


That’s it! Now the image is in your clipboard, ready to paste into whatever program you choose. (cmd + v) Aaaaah no more desktop waste, no more arbitrary ‘Picture-1.png’ files…

Oh, You Don’t Like The default .png Image Format? Change it!

Here’s how to change the default format that Mac uses for screenshots:

Open Terminal and type:
defaults write type [image-type]
killall SystemUIServer

Just replace ‘image-type’ with your preferred image format.
Types that work are:

  • bmp
  • pdf
  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
  • tiff

That’s all for now…I found this to be incredibly useful since I take a zillion screen shots every day…I hope you get some use out of it!